As a prostate cancer survivor, this story drew my attention. I both loved and loathed it. The article is well written, and its focus is on an essential element of life purpose: Selfless love. However, by using only one man’s example, the author has given an unrealistic impression of prostate cancer and its side effects. Given today’s advances in treating prostate cancer, the chances for “sex after prostate cancer” have never been higher. Robotic prostate cancer surgery, if done by a qualified and proven surgeon/urologist, can provide positive results for the patient and his partner. However, the patient has to invest his time and energy and a positive attitude to have the most favorable outcomes. To me, the opening line of this story only served to reinforce the mistaken assumption about prostate cancer. The author should have at the very least referenced that fact that different treatments and surgeries with different patients lead to different results. So, in deference to the opening, there is indeed sex after prostate cancer.

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